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The Brain Behind Smart Buildings

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Discover how Building Automation and Controls (BAC) act as the brain that controls the building, turning it into an intelligent and smart building. From the integration of robust protocols to the potential for energy savings and enhanced occupant comfort, BAC revolutionizes building management. In this blog post, we delve into the benefits, challenges, and the imperative need for fine-tuning BAC systems.

The Power of BAC

Fueling Smart Buildings: Building Automation and Controls have become an integral part of modern commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. With retrofits and new installations, BAC systems optimize energy savings and enable proactive maintenance and fault detection. Explore how BAC systems transform buildings into intelligent, interconnected entities.

Devices' conectivity in a building

Legacy vs. Open Protocols

Unleashing Integration: The market offers a plethora of BAC options, but integration can be a challenge. Proprietary equipment and programming often limit integration with other existing building systems, hindering the realization of the full potential of a smart building. Discover the significance of open protocols and ASHRAE's Guideline 13 - 2015, which promotes neutral best practices for seamless integration and future-proofing.

The Transition to Automation

Unlocking the Potential: Detailed analyses highlight the cost-optimal nature of BAC systems, offering economically viable energy savings. BAC enables energy consumption visualization, compliance-driven energy reduction, optimization of energy sources, occupancy-based response, and demand response capabilities. These technologies minimize lifetime costs and ensure occupant comfort, with potential savings opportunities of up to 40% according to EUROBAC.

The Brain Behind Smart Buildings

Embrace the Opportunity: Now is the time to optimize BAC systems and unlock their full potential. Fine-tuning BAC systems enhances energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and building performance. Unleash the power of BAC systems to drive savings with Bandora's brain behind smart buildings, improve sustainability, and pave the way for a smarter, more efficient future.

BAC Energy Savings potential
(credits: EUROBAC)


Building Automation and Controls serve as the brain that powers intelligent and smart buildings. By integrating open protocols, embracing automation, and fine-tuning BAC systems, we unlock a world of opportunities for energy savings, enhanced occupant comfort, and efficient building management. Let's seize the moment and fine-tune those BAC systems to create a sustainable, connected future.


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