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Fire Up the Engines

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Building Automation Systems (BAS), in one form or the other, have been around for decades offering Facilities Managers tools to monitor and control commercial buildings. Technological advances in the form of sensors and control networks have made buildings more complex to maintain using today’s “passive” BAS solutions.

Facilities Executives face many challenges in their effort to maintain their fleet of high-performance commercial buildings at peak efficiency. These challenges include staff retention and training, achieving energy cost reduction commitments and satisfying demanding building occupants.

Fortunately advances in Machine Learning or even in Artificial Intelligence offers new opportunities for Building Automation Systems to evolve and support true Autonomous Building Operations. Bandora’s mission is to simplify building operations and maintenance for Facilities Managers by boasting the building’s intelligence.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence is the final link needed to deliver the inherent promise of Building Automation Systems. In an Autonomous Buildings, Bandora provides real time command and control of a building’s management system leaving staff and management to spend more time on saving energy and optimizing occupant comfort.

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