How it works?


It's a non-intrusive cloud platform that gathers information from all systems inside a building.  We recognize the strategic importance of occupant comfort in determining building performance and integrates occupant feedback with a mobile app as part of the ecosystem.


Bandora.OM is the first solution in the market for buildings O&M which applies for real, Machine Learning algorithms, in order to predict energy consumption, indoor temperature, level of comfort, occupancy, malfunctions, etc.


As a cloud-based system, we enable one building to benefit from all buildings connected to the system.  The AI engine developed by us can be used to simplify building management, reduce the number of required FTEs, perform predictive maintenance and reduce energy consumption.


"The startup that wants to put buildings listen to people"


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Porto, Portugal

Tel: +1 (617) 610-9616

Boston, U.S.A.